Is LinkedIn an active part of your job search? Have you maximized your profile, polishing it until it shines? Related: 10 Tips For Giving Your LinkedIn Profile A Facelift If not, there’s a good chance you’re behind the curve — by about a decade. According to LinkedIn, 5.7 billion job-oriented searches were done on the platform in 2012. This means that recruiters in your industry are hopping on the social media giant any time they need to locate new talent. So, consider what they’re going to find. One professional has a bare-bones LinkedIn profile that includes his name, title, and a basic summary — more or less a copied-and-pasted resume. Another professional includes the same information, but her tone is conversational and full of powerful keywords. She describes past roles in first person, providing insight into critical duties and how she overcame challenges. Which professional would you pursue? More importantly, which professional are you? Spending time on yet another online profile might seem unnecessary, but you should approach it like every other part of the job search. You get your resume just right. You find the perfect interview outfit. Put the same effort into LinkedIn, and recruiters will flock to you. Here are four steps to optimizing your LinkedIn profile so it stands out to recruiters:

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