It has been claimed in recent years that the education system isn’t doing enough to prepare young people for the world of work. This seems to be justified by the significant lack of teenagers pursuing a career in engineering. Related: 5 Job Search Tips For Engineers While there are many undergraduate engineers around, the crossover between teaching and actually taking on engineering work has proven to be a substantial jump - with many experienced personnel criticizing the attitude of younger engineers in comparison to their own passion and perseverance at a younger age. These experienced members of engineering firms must realize that new employees are always likely to struggle throughout the process of adapting to not just a new line of work, but also to a new way of life. In order to show the work ethic that older generations are looking for, undergraduates need to be welcomed into a productive workforce that suits people with all sorts of different educational backgrounds. Mastering the practical side of engineering is important, but this might not be as straightforward as some employers think. If engineering firms are to see an influx of younger people showing a true passion for engineering in general, they need to address the significant factor of improving practical skills post-education.

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