How long have you (or a loved one) been looking for a new job? Does the search feel like an emotional rollercoaster ride that just won’t end? Other than “the economy,” there could be some crazy reasons why your job search may not be going exactly to plan. Related: 5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Job Search In his 2012 book, Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs, Wharton business professor Peter Cappelli writes, “The most important reason good individuals can’t get jobs where there appears to be a shortage is that employers are defining job requirements in such a way that applicants need to have done the job already.” Wow. If you have ever applied for a job -- that you could have easily done -- but never heard back, it could be that you didn’t have the exact experience the company required. Companies that hire for perfection versus potential could be one factor in a long, difficult job search. Here are five more ugly truths about why sometimes great people can’t land fab jobs.

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