With the U-6 unemployment rate currently above 13%, there are millions of Americans competing for the same jobs. That means it’s still an incredible challenge to get noticed by recruiters who are looking through hundreds of resumes a day. I recently started a job search, and I didn’t like what was happening. For starters, I had no network in California, where I was targeting tech companies. And, despite feeling qualified for jobs, I wasn’t getting requests for interviews. I kept thinking, “If only I had the chance to show them that I can do this!” This led me to create a video resume. Think about it: statistics say recruiters look at a resume for mere seconds before making a decision to keep it or not. What if you can get the same recruiter to watch a 60-second commercial selling you for the job? You just received 10x more exposure than others. I decided to target Dropbox for a content creation position. I made a humorous video and set up a personal website at DropboxHireMe.com. So far, my campaign has received great feedback, so I thought I’d share with the community at CAREEREALISM some tips on how I did it.

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