You’re probably tired of hearing stereotypes about your generation, and so am I. Related: Why Millennials Aren’t Really Lazy Frankly, in interviewing candidates at my company, I’ve seen just as many people who disprove Millennial stereotypes as individuals who embody them. And in my experience working with members of this generation, I found that Millennials are actually some of the smartest and hardest-working people out there. These stereotypes still persist, though, and as a Millennial, you’ll have to combat them one way or another. The Millennial generation, which includes anyone born between 1980 and 2000, has been hit hard by the recession. Many Millennials entered a poor job market at graduation, and their income has fallen 8% since the recession began. That’s more than double the drop in salaries for the entire U.S. population. All of this means Millennials have to fight extra hard to get and keep the jobs and lifestyles they want — including combating employer biases built on stereotypes about their generation. Here are the stereotypes today’s young professionals are up against:

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