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Arnie Fertig invites readers to follow him on Twitter via @jobhuntercoach and to linkup with him on LinkedIn. His primary focus is coaching mid-career job seekers.

Resume Tips: Your Personal Branding Statement

A successful resume replaces the "this is what I want" statement with a "this is the value that I offer" branding statement. Here are some resume tips.

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7 Clues You’re Ready To Build Your Own Business

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#1 Secret to Successful Career Advancement

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How to Close an Interview and Impress Your Interviewer

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How To Put Punch In Interview Questions

As much as interview questions might cause angst for you, they likely create boredom for the interviewer. Put some punch in your answers!

Best Job Interview Tips for Baby Boomers

Anyone going into a job interview must prepare very carefully. But baby boomers have a special concern: how to deal with age discrimination.