Yes, there's such a thing as business card etiquette when networking. Don't mess it up!

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There are lot of specialized groups on LinkedIn that professionals can join in an effort to boost their networking strategy.

However, just joining a group isn't enough. Much like managing your LinkedIn profile, making the best use of being a member of a specialized group comes down to activity and management.

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Everyone has heard of New Year's resolutions. You know those promises that we make to ourselves about things that we'll do better in the year ahead. Sometimes these resolutions work, while other times we end up with gym memberships we never use!

But, have you ever heard of a career resolution? It's actually the same thing as a New Year's resolution, only career-focused.

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It's that time of year again, when job seekers think they should stop looking for a job throughout the holiday season. No one will be hiring anyway, so you may as well take the rest of the year off, right? Not true, according to HR and job search experts.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected numerous industries and has resulted in furloughs and layoffs.

Many of these industries may continue to struggle in 2021, and workers looking to break back into those industries may have some tough decisions to make.

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