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Crystal Washington is a social media marketing strategist, international speaker, and the author of The Social Media WHY.

A Grad’s Most Valuable Resource—A Viable Network

The “successful ones” are not always those with the highest grades or stellar performance. What set’s these grads apart? A viable network. Here's why.

5 Quick Tips For Your Social Media Strategy

Check out these quick tips for your social media strategy. Also be sure to sign up for Crystal Washington's webinar, "How To Get A Job Using LinkedIn."

How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job: Part 2

LinkedIn provides a great, non-creepy way to reconnect with people. Find out how you can use LinkedIn to get a job, without being a stalker!

How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job: Part 1

LinkedIn is truly the no-nonsense social network. It caters to a sophisticated audience of career professionals. Find out how to use LinkedIn to get a job.

How To Use Facebook Graph Search For Your Job Search

Facebook’s new Graph Search feature puts the network on par with LinkedIn for job search. Here are three action items for using Graph Search to find a job.