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Ilona Vanderwoude, founder of CareerBranches, is a career designer who helps her clients fit a million passions into one lifetime while providing the tactical support to actually make it happen.

How To Avoid A Huge Personal Branding Mistake

How can my personal branding efforts be authentic if I’m tweaking it for different job opportunities? Here's a personal branding mistake to avoid!

What’s Confidence Got To Do With A Job?

Do you have confidence? About your current job? About your career in general? About switching careers? Wait, is confidence overrated?

5 Traits That Are Sabotaging Your Career Transition

Did you know your personal patterns could be sabotaging your career transition? Here are a few negative patterns you should break.

Finding The Fun In Your Job Search

Job search. Not your favorite pastime, I’m sure. For many, it consists of “unfun” and even dreaded action steps. Here's how to have fun in your job search.

Feeling Stuck In Your Career? Take Action!

I’m sure you’ve had times in your life when you felt stuck in your career, not knowing what you wanted to do next. Learn how to take action!

I’m Still Not Sure What To Be When I Grow Up

Do you have so many different interests and passions that the concept of settling into one career always felt awful to you? You're not alone.

Why You Shouldn’t Live For Your Resume

There’s something I need to get off my chest and that’s how puzzled I am seeing some people making decisions based on “how it looks on their resume.”

Defining The ‘Renaissance Personality’

Do you have a 'Renaissance Personality'? Being aware of your personality type is the foundation from which you can make changes in your life.

Changing Careers? Zigzag Your Way Into New Territory!

Thinking about changing careers? People always ask me, “How do I change paths without having to begin at the bottom all over again?” Here's some insight.

Networking: The Real (Or)Deal!

Networking is sizzling hot. It’s through networking you’ll most likely land your next job. Here are some pointers on how to approach your contacts.