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Founder of NB Careers. Specializes in guiding individuals with Career ADD and Career Paralysis to define career direction.

How My ADD Actually Helped My Career

Do you have ADD? Well, you're not alone by any means. Find out how career ADD helped this career counselor achieve her career goals.

7 Tips To Embrace Your Career ADD

To embrace your career ADD, you need to work in a career that allows you to switch activities often and offers enough variety in your work.

Is The Career Of Your Dreams Unrealistic?

Do you have a dream career? Here are six tips to understanding when it is time to consider a career change that may seem "unrealistic."

5 Tips To Narrowing Down Your Career Focus On LinkedIn

You may have tons of training and education but it may not apply to your work anymore. Learn how to pinpoint your career focus on LinkedIn.

Career Assessments and Career Happiness II

The trouble with many assessments is that there's no personal involvement. Learn to utilize assessments so you can find career happiness.

The Connection Between Spirituality and Career

How often have you heard defining your career is an inside job? Finding your career requires looking inside yourself for the answers.

Your Thoughts, Career, And Inspired Action

Having trouble finding inspiration to change your career direction? Maybe you need to approach the situation a little differently.

Career Assessments and Career Happiness

Are career assessments worth it? Find out why career assessments probably aren't the way to go when you're trying to find career happiness.

Career Happiness Comes With Consistency

How consistent are you on your search for career happiness? Find out why consistency is important in your journey toward a happy career.

Why You Must Dream Big if You Want a Career You Love

Don't let the excuses eat away at you anymore! Find career happiness after learning why dreaming big will help you land a career you will love.