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Is Your Office Pet Friendly Like THESE Companies?

Wouldn't your work day be better if you had your cuddly companion with you? Here are a few companies that have a pet friendly office and are proud of it!

As CEO, I Asked 120,000+ Readers What We Do. Here’s What They Said…

This week, I did something that truly scared me. I sent an email to over 120,000 Work It Daily newsletter subscribers and asked them to answer the question, “What do we do?” Why is that so frightening, you ask? I was worried I’d be disappointed by their responses. Specifically, I feared over 10 years of […]

How To Keep Your Job When A Recession Hits

A market correction is going to happen. When it does, layoffs will follow. I’ve been in the HR and recruiting industry for over two decades and have seen three recessions of varying sizes. In the video above, I explain how to tell when a recession is coming and what that means to you and your […]

4 Signs You’ve Got the Executive Blues

In this video, you’ll learn how to tell if your career is plateauing due to the Executive Blues. You’ll also learn what you can do to fix the problem and get your “executive energy” back so you can keep your career on track and set goals to reach new heights of success! Want to watch […]

How To Fix A Broken Career

In this video, I walk you through the single most important tool you can use to find greater career success and satisfaction. If you feel like your career is broken, then take a minute to listen to this advice. It will change your thinking immediately!

Biggest Career Mistake About Money

In this video, I explain how attaching meaning to money in certain ways will instantly put you at a mental disadvantage when trying to reach your career goals.

4 Words That Ruin Careers

In this video, you’ll learn how four simple words, when strung together, create anxiety, stress, and are also the cause of a lot of career mistakes! See if this relates to you… #careeradvice #jobsearch #careerplanning #careerchange

#1 Career Skill EVERYONE Needs to Succeed

If you’re looking to change careers, find a better job, or just plain be happier at work, this video will explain what skill you must develop to achieve your goal. To find true professional happiness, like Oprah and Richard Branson, you need to learn how to do this… #careerchange #careeradvice #jobsearchtips

5 Tips From Nike Recruiters On How To Ace Your Tech Interview

Technology is responsible for making Nike run faster, smarter and more securely. Here are five tips from Nike recruiters on how to ace your tech interview.

WEEK #3: Career Reinvention Challenge!

Are you ready to clear the roadblocks to career success and find the professional satisfaction and happiness you want and deserve? Join Work It Daily’s CEO & Founder, J.T. O’Donnell for an online class that will change your life. Over the course of 4-weeks, she’ll help you re-write your career story into something positive and […]