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TotalJobs.com is one of the UK's best job search and recruitment sites for employers and job seekers, attracting over 3.6 million job seekers every month on the hunt for one of 90,000 live job ads the site carries at any one time.

4 Interview Prep Tips You Can’t Afford To Skip

You may have spent months on your job search to get an interview so it’s important you don’t mess up by not preparing enough. Here are four tips.

3 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Landing A Job

To get anywhere with a job search you really do have to put it the time. Follow these tips and you'll lay the groundwork for landing a job.

Sell Yourself To A Potential Employer With Your CV

A CV is your chance to sell yourself to a potential employer and it has to be well written. Here are some CV tips that could help you.


TotalJobs.com is a leading job search and advice site. They currently have over 100,000 vacancies available across a huge variety of industries.