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My husband is a big Raider Nation fan. He’s been a fan for almost 40 years, very loyal even though the Raiders haven’t done well in the past ten years. He gets grief about this all the time from family and friends. He started liking the Raiders in college when he would get free tickets from USC to see them at the Coliseum. Since the Raiders' inception in 1960, they have accumulated fans from around the world. They are loved for their rebellious image.

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Space Marketing: It's Time To Plan Your Brand's Future

Do you remember your first space experience? I had many growing up. My first was seeing the Star Wars movie. It was a pop-culture juggernaut. We stood in line for hours, around the block just to buy tickets. People camped out, dressed up in Star Wars costumes, skipped school, and sat in the movie aisles just to see the Star Wars movie. Seeing the adventure of outer space with these amazing characters and creatures was awesome. Second, my dad was a ‘Trekkie.’ I spent many evenings hanging out watching Star Trek TV shows with him. It was a fond memory I have of time spent with my dad, enjoying one of our favorite shows that changed popular culture. And last, was an emotional time when I was in school, watching the Challenger space shuttle go up in space with all of my classmates, only to see it explode shortly after launch from Cape Canaveral back in January 1986. We were stunned realizing that the lives of seven astronauts had just died before our eyes. It was a very emotional time.

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