14 Most Hated Customer Service Practices & One Strategy To Solve Them
Image Credit: "Cornered" comic strip by Mike Baldwin

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index's (ACSI) last report Q3 2022, customer satisfaction rates have declined by 5% since 2018. The report also calls out GDP’s decline.

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Woman talks to a difficult coworker at work
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In a perfect world, it would always be easy to deal with stakeholders, co-workers, bosses, and other peers. The truth is, sometimes we have to deal with difficult people in our personal and professional lives. How we deal with people, difficult or not, will be a factor in how far we go in our careers. So, how can we successfully deal with difficult stakeholders and peers without hurting our professional reputations?

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Professional man holds up his hand to tell someone to stop

As a technology seller at the onset of the pandemic, I witnessed firsthand as buyers made a statement by revolting against spammy sales efforts, making it clear that they expected sellers to willingly facilitate a modern buyer journey that enabled them to evaluate and validate a solution and company before interacting with salespeople, and rewarding the sellers that proactively guided multi-stakeholder buying groups through increasingly complex and resource intense buying decisions.

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