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Want to network, but don’t know where to start? Wish you could use LinkedIn for something beyond connecting (and waiting for others to respond)? Related: How To Leverage Your Alumni Network To Get A Job Meet LinkedIn’s College Alumni section (also accessible through the Education section), which will quickly become one of your greatest networking tools. If you haven’t already discovered this hidden gem on the site, you’ll be surprised at how powerful it can be in your job search. This tool works best when you’ve updated your Education section with the name of your alma mater (even if you didn’t graduate). Be sure to add all of your university names, especially if you attended more than one college. Now, you’ll need to access the Alumni section: on your LinkedIn home page, select Network from the top menu, then Find Alumni. You’ll quickly see an Alumni display for your most recent school, with an option to the right (Change School) to see the information for a different college. Not only will you instantly see the closest LinkedIn contacts who attended your alma mater, but you’ll be able to see something even more valuable: where they live and work, their occupations, and skills. Start leveraging this wealth of data with the following steps:

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