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Nothing is permanent in this world, especially in your career. Change happens constantly, and it's up to us on how to deal and adapt with these changes in our environment. Unfortunately, there are instances that we don't respond positively to these changes. This is especially true when our pride and attitude gets the best of us, and we lose our jobs because of unfortunate circumstances. Related: How To Answer, ‘Have You Ever Been Fired?’ It's not pretty when a bad work experience blots an otherwise spotless resume. These bad work experiences can haunt us when we're out there looking for a new job, and this can bring down our self-confidence. Whether you lose your job, resigned because of a nasty boss, backstabbing co-workers, or get chucked out because of uncontrollable events, there are ways to deal with the life in-between. It's summarized in four R's: rant, relax, recover, and restart.

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