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Career Fulfillment: Why It Matters

Career fulfillment is very important. I consider myself very fortunate: My career gives me a deep sense of purpose.

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Luck is definitely part of it, but it also took a lot of work to get to this point. Like everyone, I’ve had jobs that left me feeling empty at the end of the day. But this—coaching and training others about career development—isn’t one of those jobs. In fact, I see it as more than just a job or even a career: It’s a mission. Everything changes when you love your career. It might sound dramatic but I know from experience. Of course, the degree to which career fulfillment (or “nourishment” as I like to call it) is important is different for each person. Some crave it more than others. Some need a successful career to feel whole while others can really take it or leave it. But by and large, most people who work for a living want to experience career fulfillment and the reasons are universal.

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