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Do you think it's time you moved ahead in your career? Many of us land a job and are extremely grateful to be employed, but always harbor a dream that someday we will move up within the organization. RELATED: Need career advice? Watch these tutorials! But opportunities usually just don’t fall out of the sky, and getting the right alignment of the sun, moon, and the stars requires some hustle on your end to make it all happen. But first, think about things from the boss’ point of view. If you were in the big cheese’s chair, what would you look for in your employees when determining whether or not to promote them? There are always going to be those tricky political situations where supervisors promote their favorite “pets” and of course, the gooey people who rain down praise and platitudes to their superiors in an attempt to score favor (sickening, isn’t it?). Trying to get yourself ahead in either one of these situations is extremely tough considering how much you might have to compromise your principles to curry favor with the boss. Here are five tips for climbing the career ladder:

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