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Careers In Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The website Investopedia defines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as: “Corporate initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on the environment and impact on social welfare.” Therefore, if your idea of a great business achievement is laying off 10,000 people so your company’s EPS (earnings per share) jumps one-eighth of one cent, then a career in Corporate Social Responsibility is not for you. The same can be said if you feel that gorging on fossil fuels is no problem because you won’t be around long enough to feel the adverse effects of the polar ice caps melting. While maximizing profits and driving share prices represent the traditional values of business, a new wave is sweeping through the culture of enterprise - that of Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s not just a state of mind anymore. Corporate Social Responsibility represents a legitimate career path. This is because more and more companies are realizing that their positions on issues like sustainability and diversity can be good for society, as well as business. As public awareness of these issues rises, public approval becomes compulsory. In other words, if the consumers find out that you’re dumping toxic waste into the river, burning dirty coal, or hiring only white males for management positions, they are likely to shun your products. So, where does the career path in Corporate Social Responsibility start? Education certainly is essential. For example, the following degrees are all great options for pursing careers in corporate social responsibility:

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Do Companies Care About CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)? These 8 Do...

Consumers prefer to buy from companies that show they care about society as a whole. This is why many major corporations create corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. These programs give back to the communities in which they operate to create a better way of life. To ensure these programs continue to grow and thrive, it is important for companies that use them to hire candidates who care about the community they serve. Today, many colleges are working hard to help their students become effective employees who truly care about CSR. Do companies care about CSR? These ones certainly do.

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