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Writing a good cover letter can be painful, and extremely difficult. Related: 4 Inside Secrets To Writing A Great Cover Letter The job market is tough, and you know that it has to make an amazing first impression in order to stand a chance of getting an interview. There’s a lot at stake if you don’t nail your cover letter, and if you’ve ever sent out two, five, or even 10 applications without getting the job, then this article is a goldmine for you. The new type of cover letter I’m about to reveal to you is getting a lot of positive attention, and if you’re looking to find your dream job with an amazing company - Where you can be yourself, do what you love, and contribute to a worthwhile cause, then you’ll love this. Because I’m going tell you what it is, why it works, and how you can use it to get to the next level in your career. (Also - read to the bottom to find a great free resource that’ll help you take the next step toward discovering and getting your dream job.)

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