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How To Build A Cover Letter You Can Be Proud Of

How To Build A Cover Letter You Can Be Proud Of

Writing a good cover letter can be painful, and extremely difficult.

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The job market is tough, and you know that it has to make an amazing first impression in order to stand a chance of getting an interview. There’s a lot at stake if you don’t nail your cover letter, and if you’ve ever sent out two, five, or even 10 applications without getting the job, then this article is a goldmine for you. The new type of cover letter I’m about to reveal to you is getting a lot of positive attention, and if you’re looking to find your dream job with an amazing company - Where you can be yourself, do what you love, and contribute to a worthwhile cause, then you’ll love this. Because I’m going tell you what it is, why it works, and how you can use it to get to the next level in your career. (Also - read to the bottom to find a great free resource that’ll help you take the next step toward discovering and getting your dream job.)

The New Cover Letter

As you know, the traditional, old-school cover letter is boring. Why? Everyone’s looks the same. The new cover letter is the opposite. It’s an expression of your authentic self - your strengths, values, and passions - through whatever medium suits you best. It can be presented in any form, including a YouTube video, an entire blog or even a website dedicated to showcasing your passions. The most recent, awe-inspiring example I’ve seen of someone pushing the limits of the traditional resume is a Buzzfeed article called “12 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me." Here’s a clip of the author’s first reason: Amazing, right? The best part about the new cover letter is that there are no rules. Your sole mission is to get the attention of your dream employer, and you’re free to use any tool out there to do so.

Why The New Cover Letter Works Like Gangbusters

First, it shows that you have personality! You’re willing to have some fun with an otherwise boring and templated process… and that makes you interesting. You probably already know this, but most people are bored out of their minds in day-to-day life... and that potentially includes the hiring manager you want to impress. So, being “interesting” in a competitive job market can be your advantage right from the start. Along with showing you’re a real human who likes to have fun with their work, using this new type of cover letter also proves that you like to go above and beyond the norm to get results - and that’s a highly desirable trait.

How To Use This New Cover Letter To Get Your Dream Job

First, think about what your ideal job would be, and what you could authentically showcase that you think would appeal to your dream employer. Then consider where the best place would be for you to create and showcase a unique, new cover letter. Are you artsy and into media, like the girl in the Buzzfeed example? Would a YouTube video or a blog work best for you? Should you create some kind of physical letter or package to mail in to their office? There a tons of ways to do this, so have fun and get creative with it. That’s how you’ll stand out in a crowded job market, and that’s how you can make an amazing first impression.
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