Healthcare worker experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue

The burnout healthcare professionals are experiencing from the COVID-19 pandemic is staggering. Just look at the numbers. In September 2020, National Nurses United reported that there were more than 1700 healthcare worker deaths. Additionally, Medscape has been hosting an "In Memoriam" webpage that holds thousands of more names (and links to obituaries) of international healthcare workers who have died.

How are their healthcare colleagues doing as they continue to work on the front lines? Inundated.

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Dermatologist examining a patient

Dermatologists are physicians who diagnose and treat patients with skin, mouth, hair, and nail disorders. After finishing medical school, they need to complete a year of clinical training, plus three to four years of residency in dermatology. Dermatologists who decide to practice a sub-specialty are required to go through an additional year of training.

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