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John landed his first sales job out of college almost two years ago. Yesterday, his boss brought him into his office and told him he was being let go. Panic immediately set in and John wasn’t sure what to do. Related: How To Answer, ‘Have You Ever Been Fired?’ Many people have been in John’s situation. Knowing you’re not alone can provide a little comfort, but immediately turning this negative into a positive and taking action will ultimately get you back up on your feet. Fortunately for John, the skills he built over the past two years at his first sales job are going to be exactly what will help him find his next job. At this point, you know the drill - you’ve been through the job searching process, and you have learned invaluable skills as a salesperson. Now is the time to reflect on and learn from any mistakes that got you to this point, update your resume, check to make sure all your social profiles are up-to-date, and then take a new, vested interest in finding your next opportunity. If you've been fired from your first sales you, following these familiar steps will help you get back into the game:

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