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In a previous article, we gave you a detailed explanation about how LinkedIn has changed since it was built and why it is no longer a social network. Some people get to use it successfully as a social network, but overall it is now a social marketplace. Do you still need to be on it?


But, you also need to know what's going to replace LinkedIn as the social network for your career.


Work It Daily has been getting an increasing number of people reaching out and asking, "Is LinkedIn dying?"

This question isn't just coming from job seekers. Recruiters, professionals, and executives alive are frustrated with the platform, wondering if it's really as useful as it claims to be.


Should you refer job applicants you've met, or maybe even haven’t met, from the social networks you participate in? Short answer? Yes. Cautious answer? Maybe. The long answer is a bit more nuanced than a simple yes, no, or maybe. I was hired at my last two positions from job referrals on Twitter, both tweets from people I had never met. Why would someone take a chance on me?