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#1 Secret For An Interview-Snatching Phone Screening

Many years ago, I had a phone screening interview in the nude. I was a student at Harvard and had answered an ad in the New York Times for an internal consulting position with a very large company. One day, I had just stepped out of the shower and was toweling off. The phone rang. I answered it. Related: Phone Interviews: How To Put Your Best Voice Forward The hiring manager for the job was on the line. He asked if I had some time to chat with him. I said, “Sure.” I sat down in my favorite chair and put the towel over my lap. We spoke for about 90 minutes – I was naked the entire time. At the end of the call, the hiring manager invited me to New York to meet a few other people. I got invited back the day before Thanksgiving and received an offer. I started work on January 2. I never would have landed this job had it not been for my ability to switch into interview mode quickly upon receiving the call. I was able to do that for one reason: preparation. Even though I was naked and right out of the shower, I was prepared for the interview. After I sent my resume to New York, I spent some time thinking about what they were looking for and how my skills and experience matched up. I thought about what I had accomplished and learned along the way.

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