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With aspirations to pursue a career in performing arts, amateurs strive to get discovered. Some pick up unpaid gigs and partake in random street performances, all in the hopes that a passerby is a talent scout. While others are still straining to obtain the reality of their dream, only a rare few are lucky enough to have their talents recognized by a professional. Making a profitable living from a performing arts career may seem far-fetched because of the many competitors fighting for the same spotlight. Similar to every other job, it can be a struggle to stay ahead of the many dreamers striving for the same position. The more competitive the job market is for a particular career, the harder the interview will be. Besides catching a recruiter’s eye at a play or show, there are other beneficial ways to take your performing arts career to new heights and make a name for yourself in the industry. Depending on your field of interest, here’s a list of career-enhancing degrees and other beneficial ways to advance your career in performing arts:

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