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Poor Time Management: Is It You Or Your Workload?

It can be easy to fall behind with our work - things come up (like about a billion snow days), or a lack of focus, or we're tired or not inspired. What’s interesting is that everyone has different times of day when they work best. Some people cannot work well after three, others before 10. Me, for example, I cannot write anything after noon. Related:7 Ways To Stay Productive At Work It is a struggle. And some of these reasons leave us feeling behind and overwhelmed. But, another reason is that time management is difficult. When we are not really managing our time well, that can lead to chronic overwhelm leaving us to believe that the demands of our job are too much. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they aren’t. The hard thing to recognize is when the work is truly overwhelming and when you are simply not elegantly managing your time. Over the years, I have been behind, overwhelmed and a bad time manager. But, I have become a time management master in those same years. Here are a few tips to really manage time and tasks that I use that help me conquer my to-do list regularly.

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