I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of the resume. To be blunt, the traditional paper resume is under attack on many fronts from its digital cousin. Tools like Linkedin, about.me, Vizify and even my own company’s social resume platform can, in many cases, replace the paper resume altogether. But to be realistic, the hiring world still runs on the paper resume. All the applicant tracking systems require you to upload one and it's still the best way to show the chronological order of your past experience. And to my knowledge there have never been as many resume writers as there are today. Something is keeping them in business. I’m not sure when it started but in the past few years I have detected signs that the traditional way of applying is changing. If you think about it, your paper resume is what you did but your social resume is who you are - companies want to know what you are like in real life. So it makes sense that your social resume will play a part at some point in the hiring process. By reading your tweets and other posts it gives them a sense of your character. As proof of your social media accounts being favored over the traditional resume, I’d like to offer the following stories and examples.

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