As the job search continually grows more difficult in our current economic state, many wonder how they will ever land that “dream job.” With fewer jobs to go around, being at the top of the totem pole is a must. The first step in reaching that top spot is by blowing away the interviewer and showing that you are the absolute best candidate for the job. According to Heather Mumma, a hiring manager for a small business in Illinois, the way to do this is not as complex as one might think.

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Do you ever find yourself assuming that every multimillionaire made it there because of his or her family's money? Although this is true for some business men and women, for the majority it's not. Many of the wealthiest business icons today started at the bottom and worked their way up. With determination, perseverance, and a little pinch of luck, the following business men and woman found their way to the top of their respective industries.

Donald Trump

According to a BBC News article entitled Donald Trump: The secret of his success, Trump had quite the journey to the top. At a very young age Trump realized his dream of owning his own real-estate company. Following in the footsteps of his father Trump soon learned the ins and outs of the industry. In his early twenty’s Trump used his perfected powers of persuasion to land a spot in Manhattan’s most prestigious business club. Unlike the other members of this club, Trump was the only individual who did not own his own company and was not a multimillionaire. While in the club, Trump gained many contacts and met many of his future clients. He is now the owner of The Miss Universe organization, Trump Towers, casinos, resorts, hotels, golf courses, entertainment complexes, and a co-producer of The Apprentice. Donald Trump may have come from humble beginnings but the empire he built for himself is truly exquisite.

Oprah Winfrey

According to The New York Times article: Oprah Winfrey, Winfrey also had large obstacles in life. She was in-between living with her mother and grandmother. She was also abused frequently throughout her childhood. After escaping her rough childhood she grew up to land her own talk show. After several years on the talk show she developed her own production company (HARPO Productions, Inc.). She then purchased her talk show from the prior network. She is the first woman in history to own her own talk show and produce it. Oprah shows the true potential of women in the business market. With a will to fight for your dreams being extremely successful is possible.

Bill Gates

The New York Times also did an excellent article covering the life and success of this man. Although many business people today have college degrees; Gates did not. After trying college for a year, Gates dropped out after realizing it was not for him. He committed his entire being to one thing: computer software. After years of effort and determination he created a gem, At the age of 26, he became of the CEO and chairman of Microsoft. To this day Microsoft is a household name and stands near the top of its industry. Bill Gates proves that success can be achieved through unconventional means. It does not take a college degree or millions of dollars to create a billion dollar company. These three individuals should be viewed as icons not only for their success, but also for the fight they endured. They were not given their empires; they built them from the ground up. Never let your gender, race, social standing, or salary get in the way of achieving your dreams. 3777190317 /

Have you ever felt like your job search was pointless? Or that you would never get the promotion you needed at work? Or that things would be different if you were the one running your company? Don’t fret - things are likely to turn around with determination, motivation, and a pinch of inspiration. A great way to raise your spirits and stay positive is to enjoy the peace of sitting down with a hot drink, a warm blanket, and a great movie. Here are a few inspirational movies that might help you put your career troubles (or any other issues) into perspective.

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In a day and age when technology is at the forefront of every business-minded individual, being comfortable with the understanding and use of new technology is a must. A smartphone is a piece of technology that has drastically changed the way the business world functions today. This small device may just “seal the deal” to landing your next job and keeping it. Whether it be an iPhone or a Blackberry, smartphones are literally everywhere. They are now more portable and affordable than ever before. With capabilities such as constantly updated e-mails, business-oriented apps, and task reminders, a smartphone can make the business world fall into the palm of your hand with the click of a button. Here are some essential apps for every business-oriented individual:

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