3 Qualities Employers Are Looking For

As the job search continually grows more difficult in our current economic state, many wonder how they will ever land that “dream job.” With fewer jobs to go around, being at the top of the totem pole is a must. The first step in reaching that top spot is by blowing away the interviewer and showing that you are the absolute best candidate for the job. According to Heather Mumma, a hiring manager for a small business in Illinois, the way to do this is not as complex as one might think.

Be Honest

When Heather interviews potential candidates, she said it's very easy to spot those who know what they are talking about versus those who pretend to know what they are talking about. “It is not about how much one knows about everything, but rather about how much one knows about his or her particular field of expertise,” said Heather. For example, if a job candidate were applying for a sales position in Heather’s company, she does not expect him or her to know all the ins and outs of the industry already. What she does expect however is that the candidate show her skills that would make that individual a good match for the job. These skills could include strong communication, willingness to work long hours, dedication, and an outgoing personality. No matter what the position, being honest and upfront about skills and talents is a must in the business world today.

Be Unique

Heather also explained how being interesting is a large part of landing the job. Heather stated, “I need someone who makes me remember them, stand out, be unique, and show me why you are the best candidate to fill a vacancy in my company.” Whether it be the fact that you recently ran a marathon or you volunteered to help at a cancer therapy benefit, let the interviewer know about it. It will make you stand out from the crowd and it will show dedication and desire outside of the workforce. Employers look for assets such as these to contribute to their companies.

Be Informed

Heather also stresses the importance of knowing about the company to which an individual is applying. “I cannot hire an individual who is unfamiliar with the company. How can someone sell a product or promote a brand if they know nothing about it?” she said. Do not expect to land a job in a company if you do not know what they stand for, what their product or service is, and the name of the owner or general manager. Showing that you have gone out of your way to find out about the company goes a long way in interview. In small businesses particularly it is crucial to understand how these companies interact with consumers and what makes them special. Unlike large corporations, small businesses do not have any “budge” room to lose potential clients, and therefore knowing the ins and outs is a must. With a good personality, a positive outlook, and strong knowledge of the company you are applying for, landing the job of your dreams will be within your reach. If you do not land the first job you interview for don’t give up! With time and determination the right job will come along. Always remember to be yourself and give the interview one hundred percent effort. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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