Chasing after employment opportunities on job boards can be exhausting, but what if hopeful job hunters found a tool to attract recruiters and hiring managers directly to them? Well, it’s already happening. Today’s recruiters actively look into social networks to search for and engage with interesting candidates – so you need to be sure your social media breadcrumbs are fresh and placed in the right spots, so your next job comes looking for you. Related: 6 Ways To Use Social Media To Network After College Though people tend to think of social media in terms of interacting with others on a personal basis, few understand the value of social media in a job hunt, and forming a dynamic, composite professional profile stitched together from their various social media activity. Simply maintaining your profiles and using them on a regular basis can help you turn the job hunt around – saving copious amounts of time by making YOU the hunted. For those of you looking to stand out from the crowd and kick your job hunting up a notch, consider the following tips:

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