How To Land Your Next Job With #SocialMedia

How To Land Your Next Job With #SocialMedia

Chasing after employment opportunities on job boards can be exhausting, but what if hopeful job hunters found a tool to attract recruiters and hiring managers directly to them? Well, it’s already happening. Today’s recruiters actively look into social networks to search for and engage with interesting candidates – so you need to be sure your social media breadcrumbs are fresh and placed in the right spots, so your next job comes looking for you. Related:6 Ways To Use Social Media To Network After College Though people tend to think of social media in terms of interacting with others on a personal basis, few understand the value of social media in a job hunt, and forming a dynamic, composite professional profile stitched together from their various social media activity. Simply maintaining your profiles and using them on a regular basis can help you turn the job hunt around – saving copious amounts of time by making YOU the hunted. For those of you looking to stand out from the crowd and kick your job hunting up a notch, consider the following tips:

Social media is your friend

The perks of using social media in the job search abound. Social media allows you to be yourself, offering potential employers a more personalized view into your personality and lifestyle while a resume only communicates what fits on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. You, in fact, represent more than what appears on your resume (surprise!). Enhance your appeal with connections between your professional and personal lives while also discussing what you’re passionate about to give a potential employer a look into your true self.

Be bold and express yourself

Whether it’s a topic you feel strongly about or a comment which makes you start to think deeply, state your case. Asserting a strong and compelling point of view boosts your appeal and proves your confidence level. The ability to argue constructively and make a convincing statement shows that you can use controversial topics to provide a rich ground where you demonstrate critical thinking and written persuasion capabilities.

Engage with others

Remember the value of teamwork you learned in every single sport and group project? Apply it to your job hunt! Communication on social media isn’t a one way street; show hiring managers that you can successfully engage with others and make connections. Build or enhance your network via social media and learn to constructively begin or contribute to conversations. Moreover, recruiters and hiring managers won’t shy away from reaching out via social media platforms to make a connection, so don’t back off from replying to a message from one.

Engage with brands

Have a dream job in mind? Interact with the company’s social media profiles. This shows your interest and can actually make you more familiar with the company. You can learn more about the brand’s personality or pick up on questions for an interview. The more acquainted with the brand, the better, and the chance of connecting with the organization beyond the social media world increases. Plus, tons of companies now use talent search engines to find under-the-radar candidates; if your dream company uses one, and you engage with the brand on a regular basis, it may improve your chances of being seen. Overall, social media can launch the job search for those who know how to use it to their advantage. It’s time to forget the negative association of social media in the job search: embrace it and stand out from the crowd to land your next job.

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