Studies have shown that Gen Y’s attitude to business is a lot different compared to it's predecessor, Gen X. In contrast to the Baby Boomers and Gen X, today’s youth aren't guaranteed be more successful than their parents. Related: 77 Million Millennials Can’t Get Happy – Or Can They? The perception of success has shifted. Gen Y does not gauge its success or happiness on material possessions as much as previous generations. Young people and students are looking for more than just monetary compensation in their work. Studies show that the people of Gen Y are after a good work/life balance, interesting work, the potential to contribute to society, and the opportunity to work for an organization that shares their ideals and values. In fact, a lot of young people and students would prefer to take a pay cut and work for an organization that shares their values rather than slog for hours a day working towards something they feel has no reward. So, while you’re looking for your perfect job, it’s important for you to be aware of exactly what you are seeking, what kind of environment and company you want to work for, and whether it ticks all your boxes:

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