Recruitment can be one of the most competitive jobs, especially in industries such as sales and hospitality, which are high in demand at the moment. It doesn’t help that the job market is constantly changing, either. One day, your dream candidate is enthusiastic and seeking employment, then the next, someone else has snapped them up. However, the smartest recruiters aren't only constantly building relationships with existing candidates, but they’re also constantly sourcing new ones. Keeping your book fresh with active job seekers is the key to successful recruitment, so it’s key to know where you can look. Where as once, we were simply reliant upon snail mail and cold calling, there is a whole other level to modern recruitment now. We have incredible websites dedicated to making the recruitment process as seamless as possible, and there are even social network dedicated to job hunting and employment. To help stay ahead of the game and make sure you’re always securing the best candidates for your roles, check out this list of the best apps for recruitment:

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