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Angie Jones is an award-winning, dual-certified Resume Writer and Career Coach and a former recruiter and founder of Haute Resume & Career Services, LLC.

6 Skills That Help Recent Grads Win Over Hiring Managers

It's important to mirror your skills and experience to the employer’s needs. Here are six skills that help recent grads win over hiring managers.

What Is Your Online Reputation Doing To Your Job Search?

Many people mistakenly believe that, because they aren’t on social media, their online reputation is spotless. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Employers Reject More Than 90% Of Resumes: Will Yours Survive?

Did you know you can drastically improve your response rate by creating targeted resumes that are focused on the needs of the employer? Learn more.

4 Secrets To Tapping Into Unadvertised Jobs

Your dream job might not be advertised, but no worries. Here are some ideas on how to tap into the hidden job market and find unadvertised jobs.

Transform Your Resume into a Powerful Recruiter Magnet

As a former recruiter and a professional resume writer, I see hundreds of resumes each year where job seekers underestimate the importance of their resume.

Angie Jones

Angie Jones is an award-winning, dual-certified Resume Writer and Career Coach, a former recruiter and founder of Haute Resume & Career Services LLC.

Are Professional Resume Writers Worth the Investment?

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I am often approached by qualified job seekers frustrated by weeks and often months of unemployment.

Mediocre Resumes Tend to Generate Mediocre Salary Offers

A great resume will not only survive the dreaded black hole of the employer's database; but also open doors that result in a shorter job search.