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Automotive.com is a leading auto buying portal and consumer information website. It has helped more than 50 million consumers research and price new and used cars.

Match Your Car Passion With Your Job

If you’re a car person and your true passion is cars, there’s a pretty good chance you will be able to find a great career you’ll enjoy.

Automotive Career: Become An Aerodynamicist

Ever thought about moving toward an automotive career? Learn about the work of an aerodynamicist and see if it's right for you!


Since 1996, Automotive.com has been one of the Internet's leading auto buying portals and consumer information websites.

Women in Automotive Careers

There are more and more women in automotive careers these days. To continue pursuing our goal of gender equality that trend needs to continue...

Get Into Automotive Design

When it comes to automotive design, the pinnacle of the profession is to be responsible for developing new vehicles. Are you looking for a change?

Teens: Got a Job? Thinking of Your First Car?

Teens, if you’re already semi-decided on a career, don’t hesitate to look at local companies and corporations in your field during a job search.

A Look at Different Career Opportunities in the Automotive Industry

A career opportunity in the automotive industry that is expanding is a body/paint specialist. Thanks to the fact there are plenty of car accidents.

How to Start an Auto Repair Shop

If you have business skills and access to some capital, then with the right guidance, you'll know how to start an auto repair shop of your own.

Calling All Entrepreneurs: A Nice Car Is A Good Business Decision

Anything that can translate into more money for your business is a good decision, right? Owning a nice car is smart for any business owner.