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Bruce A. Hurwitz, Ph.D., president and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, Ltd., has been an executive recruiter and career counselor since 2003.

Collecting Business Cards Is NOT Networking

So, you went networking and you scored hundreds of business cards to prove it. Sorry. Collecting business cards is NOT networking. This is....

Avoid Doing These Things At An Interview

Are you guilty of doing any of these things in an interview? Find out why doing these five things could cost you a job opportunity.

How To Get A Job You Are Unqualified For

Have you ever applied for your "dream job" only to be rejected? Frustration rears its ugly head. Find out how to get a job you're not qualified for.

Beauty Tips: Professional Interview Makeup

What kind of makeup is appropriate for an interview? Make sure not to overdo it! Check out these beauty tips from a New York makeup artist.

10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting The Job Offer

You thought you did everything right: on time, well-dressed, firm handshake... but you didn't get the job offer. Here are 10 reasons why.

How To Use Weird Interview Questions To Your Advantage

Have you ever been asked weird interview questions? How do you handle them? Learn how to use these strange questions to your advantage.

You Only Have 3 Seconds To Get The Job Offer? Yikes!

Did you know that an interviewer can tell within three seconds whether you will get the job offer or not? Make sure to use that time wisely!

How To Close A Resume Gap

The best way to deal with a resume gap – meaning that you have been unemployed for some time – is to fill it. The question is, with what?

10 (Good And Bad) Interview Questions For Employers

Do you have any questions for me? Be sure to answer this wisely. Here are the top 10 good (and bad) interview questions for employers.

What Every Employee Can Learn from Ulysses S. Grant

What can everyone learn from Ulysses S. Grant about employment, hiring, and career advancement? Find out how to be a great employee.