10 Reasons Why You're Not Getting The Job Offer

10 Reasons Why You're Not Getting The Job Offer

Having trouble getting a job offer? Let’s begin with a few of assumptions. Since you got the interview your cover letter and resume were obviously effective. You arrived on time, were dressed conservatively, smiled, gave a firm handshake, had the right attitude, did all the basics of Interviewing 101. But you still did not get the offer. Why?

1. You Didn't Send A Thank You Letter

Did you send a thank you letter? Did you get it out immediately? Did you make necessary clarifications and mention particulars about the interview? Did you proofread it? Did you also send a hand written note?

2. You Answered Questions Negatively

How did you deal with “negative” questions? Did you end your answers on a negative or a positive?

3. You Were Negative About Former Colleagues

What did you say when you were asked about former employers or colleagues? Were you at all negative?

4. You Didn't Do Your Research

How much research did you do on the employer? Did you only study their website? Did you Google them? Did you dig deep?

5. You Didn't Connect With The Interviewer

How much research did you do on the interviewers? Were you able to make a personal connection with them? Did you impress them with your meeting preparation skills?

6. You Didn't Ask Good Questions

What questions did you ask? Were they about the job? Were they about the company? Were they about the interviewers? Did they show that you had done in-depth research?

7. You Talked Too Much

Did you give direct answers to questions? Did you talk too much?

8. You Didn't Listen

Did you listen? Did you really hear what the interviewers were saying? Did you pick up on clues?

9. You Didn't Thank The Interviewer

Did you thank each interviewer at the start and conclusion of each meeting?

10. You Didn't Express Interest In The Position

At the end of the interview did you express interest in the position? If you had an interview, then you already know you met the minimum qualifications for consideration - But so did your competition. What you don’t know is how well they – your competition – prepared and how they responded to questions. Nine times out of ten, that’s where candidates fail. They do not succeed in differentiating themselves from their competition. And THAT’S how you get a job offer!