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Christie Mims is the The Radical Fairy Godmother to the Woman Trapped in Her Suit. Go to her website and sign up for her free and easy job UNstuck kit, and start getting concrete help to get unstuck in your career TODAY.

One Terrible Networking Mistake (That Costs You The Job)

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2 Career Problems That Start With Your TV

Some of the problems job seekers experience, start with that little box under your TV. Here are two career problems that start with your TV.

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How To Find Your Passion (Even If You Don’t Know Where To Start!)

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Have You Found Your Passion Or Just Another Hobby?

You love gardening. Ever had someone say, "You're great at that! You should do it full-time!"? Find out how to differentiate a hobby and a passion.

4 Things Not To Do When Trying To Find Your Passion

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Slay Your Demons, Find Your Passion, & Build A Beautiful Career [WEBINAR]

What if there were two simple things you could do before your find your passion, take the stress off, and help you ensure success? Watch this webinar!

The Secret To Changing Your Career

Thinking about a change but can't quite rationalize it? What's holding you back? Get a move on! Find out the secret to changing your career.