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Getting back in the grind after the holidays is the worst, isn't it? Related: 5 Mindset Shifts Necessary For Career Success Boredom when you think about work. Dread as you wake up in the morning. Feeling like THIS year you need to do something different. It's probably time to get a new job, no? But here's the problem: Most people who make sweeping resolutions that “THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE DREAM JOB, SERIOUSLY. YES. I MEAN IT" never end up changing anything. Sadly, they stay stuck exactly where they are now.

Odd Problem #1:

It's not your resume. I know - your resume IS usually a problem, but in this case, there's more you need to worry about. When you think about getting a new job and get worried, what's your first thought? It's probably something like this: “What if I try and change jobs and can't pay the rent/mortgage/amazing lifestyle to which I am accustomed." Then what happens after you think that? A flurry of positive activity? A lot of well-rounded research effort and networking push? Or a slow sink back down on your couch as you put off doing anything for another day? For most of us, it's the couch. It's so safe and comfortable. And if we tell ourselves we can't make enough money anywhere else, then.... We get to stay stuck, and there's no reason to worry any more about that resume, right? Then there's this:

Odd Problem #2:

You see or hear about a great new job, and get excited. Time to fire up your network and start submitting your application, right? Except... There's that dirty little thought that sneaks into your head that says: “That job is SO GREAT. Wait - you don't have the skills to do that!" Or alternatively: “That job is so GREAT. Crap, what if you fail at it? YOU'LL TOTALLY FAIL!!" And your breathing picks up and you think: “Maybe I'll wait and work on that application later." Or “That great job wasn't REALLY right for me anyway." And you stop. *sigh* And all of a sudden it's April and you are still at that job you swore you'd leave by now.

Here's Some Help

See, for many of us the main problem with job searching isn't the job searching itself (though, I'm not going to pretend that finding a job is easy); the problem is our mindset AROUND the kind of jobs or careers we can do. Most of us get motivated for a second, but then we start to focus on all that we can't do, or all that we'd lose, and we let ourselves be foiled before we even begin. But not you - because you've made it this far in the article, so congratulations!

Here's What I Want You To Do Next:

Make a list of all the great things you can gain by changing jobs, and post that list somewhere prominent. Maybe it's a better commute or more interesting work. Maybe it's a nicer work environment with more flexible hours. Maybe it's recognition and respect that you are missing now. It doesn't matter, I just want you to write everything down so that when your fears begin to surface, you've got an immediate way to focus and keep going. Don't let your mindset hold you back. Why? Because you DO deserve that great new job - and it's time to go and get it! If you need more help with your fears, join our free 7-day new year, new career challenge right over here.

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Christie Mims is a professional career coach and the founder of the Forbes Top 100 Career Website, The Revolutionary Club. She's on a mission to help YOU find career happiness because a) it beats hating your job and b) frankly, you deserve it. Join her community and get a FREE workbook on the 6 simple steps to finding work you love right over here.... Disclosure: This post is sponsored by a CAREEREALISM-approved expert.
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