5 Mindset Shifts Necessary For Career Success

Success in life truly is a head game. If your mind is not wired for success it can be challenging to achieve your goals. Watch: 9 Things You Can Do Today To Create Career Success Here are five mindset shifts designed to support your career success:

Mindset #1: I seek ways to add value daily

Successful people know that their value increases based on the value they add. Choose to be of service and look for ways you can add value to a project or initiative that is unique and will either save time, increase value or reduce cost. Invest in your own development to increase what you have of value to offer.

Mindset #2: I choose to associate with successful people

There is a wonderful phrase I love: "iron sharpens iron." Choose to surround yourself with people who call you to be your best self, at the top or your game and constantly growing. No one who has achieved great things in life did it alone. Have the confidence to hire people who are smarter than you or who can fill a gap in your skill set. Choose to view your peers as allies in your learning and be open to learning from anyone.

Mindset #3: I am solely responsible for my success

Choose to leave your excuses and blame behind you. Take ownership for the outcomes you create. By empowering yourself with ownership, you position yourself to lead change when necessary. Ultimately it is about maintaining full control of your success and recognizing your success begins by being willing to act while holding yourself accountable.

Mindset #4: I act like an owner

The Entrepreneurial mindset isn't just for the entrepreneur. Companies are looking for people who are innovative and treat employees, customers and colleagues like their own. Recognize that you own your career. As J.T. O'Donnell says, often you are a company of one and you need to manage your career just like the CEO of any successful business manages the business. Take ownership of the work youare assigned and most importantly take ownership of your career.

Mindset #5: I am the only person who can limit my financial success

Recognize that you are responsible for your current financial situation and that only you can change it. Get clear about the value you provide and what that value is worth to your organization so you can make a clear business case for your desired salary. Choose to be financially responsible with the resources you have. Eliminate any debt you have so that you are free to do work that has meaning and value to you. Create multiple streams of income to insulate yourself in the event of a layoff or downsizing.

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