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Michael Trust is the principal of Trustworthy Coaching and brings over twenty years of business, Human Resources management, and coaching experience to you when you engage his services as a coach.

Networking: What’s Your 30-Second Resume?

What's your 30-second resume? Remember the adage about having an “elevator speech” or an “elevator pitch" when you're networking? Same concept here.

How To Break The Tie: When You’re One Of Two Great Candidates

There are often very highly talented people vying for the same positions. Find out how you can break the tie as one of two great candidates.

How To Stop Your Resume From Becoming Spam

As crazy as it may seem, there are many innocent words on your resume can create problems for spam filters. Don't risk it! Here are some tips.

Things To Watch For When Dealing With Work Friends

People have friends with whom they feel more than just a “work relationship.” But there are some things to watch for when dealing with work friends.

Do You Dread A Phone Interview Or Networking Call?

Making a networking call or doing a phone interview can be nerve-wracking, especially when a job is on the line. Here are some tips.

Potential Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired

Let’s assume you're doing everything you can, and you’re still not getting calls. There may be some reasons you're not getting hired: