Do You Dread A Phone Interview Or Networking Call?

Do You Dread A Phone Interview Or Networking Call?

Do you dread the miserable networking call or phone interview? Fear not. In a lot of ways, they are actually pretty easy! But, there are some drawbacks:

  • It’s easy to take it for granted and not prepare or take them as seriously. A BIG mistake!
  • It’s hard to tell how you’re doing because you can’t see the other person’s facial expressions and body language.
Having said that:

Plan The Conversation

What you hope to achieve (networking) and/or what you hope to convey (phone interview). Practice if that helps, and write down your main points. This may seem like it will make the conversation sound contrived; it may the first few times, but more often, it will actually help you to be more relaxed and make the conversation flow far more smoothly. When you have a plan and your key points ready, it’s far less stressful, and that translates into more comfort, and usually, a far better call.

If You’re Calling To Network, Be Sure The Time Is Good For The Other Party

You may have taken some time to work up the nerve to call; that doesn’t mean they are ready or have time for your call when you do. I often suggest scheduling the call (in fact, that goal could be used as the first networking call) so both parties are ready for it. I suggest not taking too much time to work up the nerve to call; it just makes the stress and anxiety about the call that much worse. As a popular shoe brand would say, “just do it.” Of course with preparation, but no anticipatory anxiety.

You Probably Have An Activity That Gets Your Juices Going

Perhaps you jog or workout, listen to music, watch a great movie – whatever it is – do it first so when you make the call, you’re already pumped up and confident (but don’t be out of breath).

Smile When You Talk

It will show in your voice. Many people like to stand up when they talk – they speak more from the diaphragm and they come across as very confident. Even if they already are or are not!

Incentivize Yourself

Tell yourself for every five networking calls you make or for every phone interview you have, no matter how you do, you will reward yourself. Stick to your plan and make the reward worthwhile. It’ll make it much easier. Photo Credit: Shutterstock