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Do you get a pit in your stomach when you have to network? That’s your mind telling you you’re doing it wrong! Networking isn’t about selling yourself like an over-bearing salesperson using high-pressure tactics to close the deal. It’s about engaging people in meaningful dialog that makes them respect and trust you – the two things you need to start a positive, powerful professional relationship. What is the secret to easier networking? Next time you hit a networking event, either online or in-person, be sure to do the following:

  1. Research the event to identify problems the audience would be interested in discussing.
  2. Ask people about their work and how they are trying to address these problems.
  3. Use your own problem-solving experiences to add to the conversation and show how you both are on the same side in terms of want to be part of the solution.
Watch this video where I explain how to make networking easier in just two minutes. Networking doesn’t have to be something you dread. Just learn to focus on how you can give to those you network with and you’ll find it much more gratifying.

Your Next Step

School teaches you everything except how to get the job. You must invest time in learning the right way to job search. I just finished four new training videos for you - they're all about executing an easier job search in this economy. My videos are completely free and I'm confident you're going to find them useful. The link to access the first one is below. WATCH VIDEO NOW ► Image Credit: Shutterstock
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