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Resumesimo.com is a website that allows anyone to create a graphically handsome resume with just the right content in ten minutes – a resume potential employers will find it tough to overlook... even in this tough job market.

How To Create An Eye-Catching Resume

Want to create an eye-catching resume? Prevent your resume from getting lost among the stacks of others by following these great tips.

Using The Correct Body Language During An Interview

An employer may decide to hire if you present yourself properly. Here are some tips about appropriate body language during an interview.

The Best Interview Tips For Any Job

These are the best interview tips for any job you're applying for. Including them in your next interview will give the interviewer a great first impression.

Why You Must Make Your Resume As Good As Possible

If you want to make your resume the best it can be, you will have to include one critical piece of information on your resume. Learn more.