How To Create An Eye-Catching Resume

How To Create An Eye-Catching Resume

With a dwindling market, the way you job search and present yourself to potential employers is a job itself. For every job you apply for, there could be any number of other candidates just as qualified or more qualified than you. Providing potential employers with less than a stellar resume will only hurt your chances of getting the job, if the hiring manager even gives your resume a second glance.

How To Create An Eye-Catching Resume

Here are some tips for creating an eye-catching resume:

Layout And Design

Interesting resume designs and layouts can help distinguish your resume from all the others. When you choose to change the layout or design of your resume, you must keep in mind that you still need to include all relevant information in an easy-to-read format. Making your resume look interesting can be as easy as adding a personal touch, such as a logo at the top or bottom of the resume. Different fonts can also make your resume stand out more. However, the font must be readable and not distracting. While unique layouts and designs may seem like a good idea, the most important aspect of any resume design is how easy it is for someone to glance over, find the information they need, and move on.

Selling Yourself

Many resumes go unnoticed simply because of the phrasing and information. When you use boring words, avoid action words and fail to include vital information that is relative to the job, you end up selling yourself short. Potential employers briefly glance over a resume. If nothing stands out to them, your resume might not ever be looked at again. Use buzzwords when you describe your work experience and your educational experience. Using buzzwords helps your resume stand out both electronically, and to a physical person. When you write out your resume, it is vital that you include relevant work experience. Including experience that does not pertain to your potential job ends up being filler. A resume should never simply list jobs you have held. Instead, a resume is a way to show potential employers your abilities. Unlike a job application, resumes give you the chance to go further in-depth regarding your past employment and educational experiences. Providing a resume that gives little to no insight about who you are, makes it generic and boring. Prevent your resume from getting lost among the stacks of others by being honest about your qualifications and only discussing relevant job experience. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles: Photo Credit: Shutterstock