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Passionate about helping people grow, Tai Goodwin has a keen intuition on helping people tap into their brilliance. She has been empowering others for over 19 years.

9 Ways To Be Happy In Job You Don’t Like

Until we create the opportunity that allows us to work with our passion, we may be in a job that’s just a job. Here are some ways to be happy in job.

3 Rules To Smart Business Card Etiquette

Some of the worst mistakes at networking events are people not understanding how to use their business card. Here are a few etiquette tips.

6 Ways Volunteering Can Boost Your Career

Apart from just the positive feeling of sowing good actions into a cause you believe in, volunteering can boost your career. Here's how.

5 Ways To Take Control Of A Job That’s Not Working

If you work full-time, do you realize more than a third of your day revolves around your job? That's a lot of time. Too much time, actually.

6 Things Passion For Work Is NOT

People successful in building a brand all have at least one thing in common: They are have an expressed active passion for what they are doing.

Career Makeover Strategy: Increase Your Visibility At Work

In today’s world of work, being a team player is a baseline expectation of all employees. Here are six ways to increase your visibility at work.

5 Questions To Ask BEFORE You Start Your Job Search

The perfect time to start your job search is before you begin feeling a desperate need to get out of your current position. Ask yourself these questions.

7 Signs Of Job Burnout (5 Ways To Fix It)

You may not have any physical signs of job burnout. The list below highlights seven red flags that signal you may be overwhelmed at work.

Top 10 People You Must Have In Your Network To Find A Job

Have you considered the importance of having a well-rounded network? Having a strong network is critical to your professional survival.

8 Steps To Changing Jobs With A Current Employer

If you are planning a job search in preparation for your next career move, remember to start with or at least include your current employer.