Why Record Labels Still (And Will Always) Matter



I’m guilty of fighting for the underdog in all circumstances especially when it comes to music. This may be a product of my upbringing, as my mother was known for being an incredibly kind, caring individual, treating my siblings and me exceptionally equally in all matters of life. This early pattern has served me well today as we see huge culture shifts in the music industry emerging, where indie artists are able to survive, maybe not thrive, but survive. This is inspiring to me.

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Can You Afford To Not Have A Major Brand Presence At Coachella?

After three years of desert quiet, we finally experienced a return to Indigo Empire Polo Club grounds as the famed Coachella Festival arrived. An exciting three-day celebration prevailed. Whether watching it via live stream or in person, you could tell that the music festival did not disappoint. It was definitely a vibe. It's not hard to see why it was so successful this year for so many brands, artists, and fans that were in attendance. We experienced excitement in particular as some of the largest brands in the world participated in the event with a robust and impressive strategy for brand activations.

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