Lisa Adams
Affiliation: Approved Career Expert Twitter: @CoachLisaAdams LinkedIn: /in/LisaLAdams Personal Website/Blog: [Website] [Blog] Bio: Lisa Adams, founder of Fresh Air Careers, is driven to help professionals eliminate career confusion. She is a certified career management coach, certified job search strategist, speaker, and preferred expert on and Lisa leverages her 20 years of senior management, human resources, sales, and business development experience to provide the best possible resources and experience to her clients. Lisa is passionate about encouraging and empowering her clients to take charge of their careers and to find a fit that drives them to succeed. Lisa is a graduate of the University of New Hampshires Whittemore School of Business. Her coaching certifications were received through Career Coach Academy and Susan Whitcomb, one of the premier career experts in the field today. What's your favorite career related quote? “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Confucius) What’s your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? Working with J.T. and her team. They get what is going on in the career space for young professionals and they work diligently to provide resources to this audience. It is an exciting team to be a part of. Articles written by this expert: 3 Rules for Effective Informational Interviewing Why is LinkedIn a Must-use Tool? Goal Setting in Your Career [Part 1] Goal Setting in Your Career [Part 2] Strategies for Dealing with a Passive-aggressive Boss Dealing with the First Career Transition Are You Stuck in the Job Search Fog? Determine How You Can Solve a Company’s Problem ‘I Know You’re Trying to Help My Career But Don’t’ Find a Hobby to Balance Out Your Career Project Plan Your Job Search How Time Management Can Help Your Job Search What to Do on a Phone Interview How to Follow Up After the Interview 5 Tips to Uncover Company Culture Job Board Detox Challenge [VIDEO] Job Board Detox Tip #1: Create a Job Search Plan Job Board Detox Tip #2: Take an Assessment Job Board Detox Tip #3: Make a List of Your ‘Must-Haves’ Job Board Detox Tip #4: Make an Interview Bucket List Job Board Detox Tip #5: Do Your Research Job Board Detox Tip #6: Call Your Contacts Job Board Detox Tip #7: Define Your Personal Brand Job Board Detox Tip #8: Create Value Statements Job Board Detox Tip #9: Attend a Networking Event for Non-Job Seekers Job Board Detox Tip #10: Enjoy Life Job Board Detox Tip #11: Fight the Fear Job Board Detox Tip #12: Write SMART Stories Job Board Detox Tip #13: Check Your Wardrobe Job Board Detox Tip #14: Research Salary and Compensation Packages Job Board Detox Tip #15: Write Your Interview Answers Job Board Detox Tip #16: Start Making Calls Job Board Detox Tip #17: Build Your Resiliency Job Board Detox Tip #18: Attend a Training Event Job Board Detox Tip #19: Make a List of Interview Questions Job Board Detox Tip #20: Congratulations! 4 Tips to Overcoming Career Fear 5 Signs it’s Time for Career Change 3 Quick Strategies For A Thriving Holiday Job Search Big Game Job Search Mistakes 2 Common Career Myths How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out 3 Ways Young Professionals Can Gain Confidence In The Workplace
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