3 Quick Strategies For A Thriving Job Search During The Holidays

3 Quick Strategies For A Thriving Job Search During The Holidays

Let’s face it: the holiday season in the U.S. can be so blessed and wonderful, but if you are in the middle a painful time in your life, it can be even more than we can bare. So, how do you get through a holiday job search? As my husband goes through his transition, I actually dread this time of year. One, for the social commitments I may or may not want to attend to; and two, for the pressure of gift giving, especially when there is no money for gifts and I love to give. It hurts not being able to give to family and friends. I hate it. But with my frustrations comes time with family and friends, that is humbling and truly blessed. Just being together to share triumphs and tragedies from the past year and plan to a hopeful future for the year to come. How blessed that is.

3 Tips For A Job Search During The Holidays

In surviving the holidays with hope here are some quick strategies that I have found useful for myself and my clients to handle the questions, events, and opportunities that will come across your path this holiday season.

1. Socialize In A Positive Manner

The key in this situation is to make sure you get a chance to socialize in a positive manner with as many influential contacts as possible. Don’t burn yourself out with events, but do attend several. Be careful of your attire and the amount of alcohol you consume. Never make the company holiday party be something you regret. Bring your spouse, work the room, smile, and ask others about themselves. Lastly, that in your time of plenty, happily employed and growing in your career, remember others and be generous. Focus on really seeing others needs and work diligently to physically meet them. You will be so abundantly blessed because you gave.

2. Be Grateful

You are either underemployed or just hate the work you do or the culture you are in. Either one can be toxic, but remember you are still earning a paycheck and will hopefully continue to learn even within a tough environment. Work to be grateful for where you are. Network and plan to move onto something better and more inline with your values. Work the rooms of the events and parties you will attend with the future in mind not with how much you hate what you are doing now. Most people want to know what you enjoy doing. It makes the conversation so much more pleasant. Give generously. Helping others puts our tough situations into better perspective.

3. Change Your Mindset

Your mindset is key in all that you do. Being in between work is a challenge. The biggest challenge is the space between the ears. Seriously. When you feel defeated you will act defeated. Don’t be defeated. Take the holidays to remember, in spite of the financial stress you are in (believe I know the feeling), count your blessings. Network like crazy with the future in mind. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Say to yourself - I can do this! This will be good! I will come out of this challenge stronger than even. To this I say enjoy the holidays no matter where you are at. There are blessings just waiting to be uncovered. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock